Thursday, March 22, 2018

The Pocket Telephone: When Will it Ring? 1919

W. K. Hasleden’s  'The Pocket Telephone: When Will it Ring?’ was first published in The Mirror on March 5th 1919.

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Calling All Kubrick Fans

Stanley Kubrick memorabilia from the collection of his assistant Emilio D'Alessandro is up for auction, including Jack Torrance's jacket in The Shining and the Eyes Wide Shut clapperboard. Lots of other goodies too, from the director's blue military jacket to notes about his pets.

“He always wore these very comfortable military jackets … He had them sent in batches
from the US, then had them dyed navy blue. Stanley said he had twenty-eight of them.
He would pat the chest and pockets of his jacket and say to me, ‘This is my office’.” 

Pandora, Leo, Jessica, Victoria, Freddie and Polly are some of the four-legged
friends of the Kubrick family, and this lot includes some autographs about them,
a total of 16 cards and typed notes. Recommendations range from flea cure
to medicine to varying food for dogs and cats. 

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Planet Express Spaceship

Quantum Mechanix’s collectible light-up replica of the Planet Express spaceship from Futurama has lights on its cockpit, portholes and exhaust.

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Hypnotic Vegetable Designs

Brad is a grocery stocker at a Festival grocery store downtown Madison, Wisconsin. Every day he creates beautiful artwork in the vegetable aisle.  Sometimes the arrangements have themes, other times they are more abstract. You'll find them between the parsley and the Swiss chard.

Brad really puts his heart into it and describes arranging vegetables as "the only good part" of his day.

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Ocean Blues #2

Romane Granger, an animation student at the National School of Decorative Arts in Paris, created this gorgeous seabed from clay.

Ocean Blues #2 from Romane Granger on Vimeo.

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