Saturday, April 21, 2018

Snow Rollers

Thousands of round, hay bale-shaped snowballs littered the countryside in northern Fond du Lac County, Wisconsin a few days ago. This phenomenon is the result of a very specific set of weather conditions:
"A light layer of snow with a certain moisture content needs to be on top of a harder packed layer of snow. The top layer needs to be light enough to be blown by the wind, but wet enough to stick to itself as it travels over more snow."
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Motion Design

Felipe Mahalem is a motion design director working at R/GA and living in San Francisco. He began @fmahalem as a project for research and development in 3D and animation.

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Fox cub gets head stuck in a wheel!


Who's a good boy? Max is.

Why Did These Beautiful Doomed Octopuses Pick Such An Inhospitable Place To Nurse Their Eggs?

Image: Phil Torres, Dr. Geoff Wheat

In 2013, geochemists sent underwater vehicles to explore the Dorado Outcrop, a rocky patch of seafloor off the Pacific coast of Costa Rica. Two miles below the waves they found hundreds of beautiful purple octopus mamas huddled around the vents, incubating their eggs. They belonged to an undiscovered species in the genus Muuscoctopus  which are known to be loners, yet these were grouped together in dense clusters.
The group was doomed. Muuscoctopus only breed once in their life, producing eggs, protecting them and dying once their offspring swim away. But why did these mothers choose a spot that could not support their eggs?